Georgia Pre-K

A loving, safe, Christian environment where children can learn, grow and have fun!

The purpose of the GA Pre-K program is to provide a minimum of 180 full days (6.5 hours of instructional service per day) of high-quality educational/instructional services for eligible four-year-old students (date of birth by or before September 1st).

Positions for GA Pre-K are first offered to the current families in our preschool program before opening up enrollment to the public. This usually occurs in January – February of each year and the current families are given a two-week period to enroll in this program.

GA Pre-K will open up  to the community starting on Monday, February 13th for the 2023-2024 school year.  Space will be limited, and will be first come first served. If we have reached our capacity and you come to enroll, there will be a waitlist form for you to complete. If a space opens up,  we will email/call you, and allow 48 hours for you to accept or decline the spot. At that point, we will move down to the next family on the waitlist.

Please bring the following documents with you upon admission to Open Arms.  A registration packet will be given to you to complete at the school.   GA Pre-K tours will not be available during this time, and will need to be scheduled in advance with the school if interested.

  1. Proof of age for your child (birth certificate)
  2. Social Security card for your child (there is an affidavit if you need more time obtaining it or do not feel comfortable sharing it)
  3. Proof of residency. A current (within 45 days) mortgage statement, lease, or utility bill. No phone bills, vehicle registrations or bank statements will suffice.