Infant – 2’s Programs

A loving, safe, Christian environment where children can learn, grow and have fun!

Infant & Toddlers

Open Arms Ratio: 6 weeks -18 months is 1:4   (compared to state ratio of 1:6)
Group size: 8

Open Arms Ratio: 18-24 months is 1:5   (compared to state ratio of 1:8)
Group size: 10

Infants’ capacity to learn is present from birth.  Infants learn about their world primarily through social contact.  Every infant is an individual with a unique temperament.  All infants possess a set of skills and abilities which change with development.  Although the rate, pattern and quality of development vary from child to child, all infants progress through similar stages of development.

Our infant and toddler program is closely attuned to the predictable sequences of normal infant development in the areas of motor skills, language and communication, cognition and socialization.  This occurs by the teaching staff playing with the children, talking to them, using facial expressions and responding to them.  Consistency in response makes the child’s environment more predictable and comfortable.  Varied experiences such as textures, different foods, shapes and sounds, going for strolls outdoors, watching birds and animals, help to stimulate your child.

Our staff is highly qualified, loving and patient.  Because of our low child/staff ratio, a great deal of time is allowed for holding and cuddling the children.  We do not allow a child to “cry it out”, but rather try to comfort the child in every way possible.

2 yr olds

Open Arms Ratio:  2’s is 1:8  (compared to state ratio of 1:10)
Group size: 13

As children move from the Toddler’s Program to the Two’s, new considerations are given to their increased attention span, activity level and need to satisfy their curiosity.  The program becomes more structured and the classroom is set up in learning centers.  There is greater opportunity for the children to explore through the centers, but the greatest area of development is seen in their social skills as they develop friendships and learn to share and “take turns”.

Social skills such as sharing toys and positive interactions with their peers are stressed throughout the day.  Communication and academic skills are developed, and self-help skills, such as table manners, toilet training, and dressing themselves are also taught.

The positive atmosphere in the Two’s classroom enhances a child’s good feelings about himself and those around him.