Preschool Programs

A loving, safe, Christian environment where children can learn, grow and have fun!

Open Arms Ratio:  3’s & 4’s is 1:10   (compared to state ratio of 1:15’s for 3’s and 1:18 for 4’s)
Group size:  15 to 18 depending on class size.

A more structured environment is created with more developed learning centers and greater opportunities for exploration.  Emphasis is placed on cognitive skills.

The curriculum concentrates on pre-reading, pre-mathematics and science, creative arts and music.

Planned activities are used to reinforce the natural learning that is part of every activity in a child’s day.  We encourage the child to learn by doing and experiencing in a safe and well-supervised environment.  We use in-house field trips and other special experiences to extend the children’s knowledge of the world around them.

All these activities are presented in a positive, caring atmosphere by trained and experienced professionals.  Our low child-staff ratio contributes to the ability to do these activities.

Consistency is given through routine; variety is promoted through activities to stimulate all areas of development.  Social interaction is encouraged, communication and cognitive skills enhanced, and emotional and spiritual development carefully nurtured.

Creativity is promoted in an inhibiting environment.  Our close staff-child relations contribute to the development of a positive self-image.  All developmental areas are given equal attention.  Spiritual values are strongly promoted through exemplary interaction, as well as Bible story time, prayers before meals, and regular chapel worship.  Our main objective is love and individual attention through proper stimulation by the environment.

Programs for the 4’s

Programs for the 4’s include early development of pre-reading skills, math, art, music, and nature studies.  The 4’s class is also introduced to technology through the use of a Promethean Board, which is installed in the Private Pre-K Class, as well as both Georgia Pre-K classes.

The children select activities from a variety of interest centers that reflect the weekly theme. The learning activities alternate with indoor and outdoor play periods, both to forestall boredom and to accommodate young attention spans.

The pre-school wing at Open Arms is designed to provide children with both the security of “home” room and the flexibility of various structured activities at learning centers.

In both the Private Pre-K and Georgia Pre-K classes, we begin to develop pre-reading and writing skills and lay the groundwork for kindergarten.  We offer your child a stimulating and fulfilling pre-kindergarten year.